In today’s scenario, parents have to sacrifice their family life due to their job profile and increasing socio-economic needs in a nuclear family. Male parent always remain out of home for livelihood as usual and inception of mothers into the professional field left the home without truest replacement. Thus, it becomes difficult to maintain balance between office and family for parents. These has brought major changes in the lives of children. Children who were always with one of the family members were now left all alone in the family managing their chore. There arises the need of place for children where they:

Learn to live & lead their lives in a team

To share their problems with friends or same age children

To care for each other

Self- management

Time management

Study management

Gain confidence

Learn problem solving & make decision on their own

Learn integration of culture

Inculcate discipline & life values

Enormous chances of scholastic, co- curricular & sports activities

Extra academic support

Multi Activity Centre after school

Social activities

Improves food habits

Learns importance of family members

Learn to take care of health


We aim at providing conducive environment to our students for their overall development with the confluence of study, sports and spirituality