Advisory Committee

Executive Director, International Relations

Dr. Trivedi

Dr. Trivedi holds a unique combination of qualifications in Electrical, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering. In forty eight years of professional career, he has worked in Academic, Institutional, Industrial and Commercial sectors. He was awarded Governor General’s (Equivalent of Presidential) Gold Medal for his exemplary service to Canada.

Dr. Trivedi and his wife Anjali are actively involved in volunteering their time and providing valuable guidance in development of SGVP.

Mr. Harold Carver

Mr. Carver is the founder principal of the St. Stephen’s School, Chandigarh, India.

His vast experience in the field of education and his sincere desire to promote higher education in the society is remarkable.

Dr. Randy Sinisi

The Associate Executive Director of CITA (The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Acreditation), USA

Shree Jaydevsinh Sonagara

  • A prominent educationist, a poet and an author, Jaydevbhai Sonagara has been associated with number of educational institutes for more than 35 years. Currently he is the Executive Director of SGVP International School and also a member of the SGVP Advisory Committee

  • Managing Trustee, Divyapath Campus, Memnagar, Ahmedabad

  • Founder Principal & Trustee, D P School, Nava Wadaj, Ahmedabad

  • Managing Director, The Vision Foundation, Ahmedabad

  • Director, My Own School, Nava Wadaj, Ahmedabad

  • Former District Chairman, Lions Club, Ahmedabad

Mr. J J Yagnik

Renowned advocate,
Supreme Court, India

Late Dr. N V Vasani

The Vice Chancellor and Director of the Nirma University, Gujarat, India

Executive Chairman of Nirma Education & Research Foundation

Ex-Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University