IT Center

The centrally air-conditioned IT Centre of the school has 72 computer systems installed with latest configuration which is capable of accommodating two classes at a time. The school has a huge collection of educational softwares and interactive games to make the teaching learning process much more interesting.

The IT Centre is used to teach not only Computer subject but also various subjects like English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Environmental Education, etc. are taught here. The desks are designed in such a way that it can also be used to conduct meetings & seminars for the students and staff.

The large LCD screen ensures that students comfortably attend to the demonstrations carried out by the educator while practicing on their respective desktops. Besides the main IT Centre, there is also a separate Computer Lab for the students of primary section with 32 computers. All 125+ computer systems at SGVP, including the office desktops, are connected through WAN and the students as well as the staff have their own accounts protected by password.

The Multimedia Centre, operational with an LCD projector, high-tech sound system and hundreds of educational VCDs & DVDs on different historical events, scientific research, space technology, geographical & archaeological expeditions provide students opportunity to visualize those events unfolding sitting here at SGVP. The experience is truly marvellous and it gives them practical knowledge of the topics being taught in an interesting way .