Parents Visit

Parents may visit to the campus on the following occasions:

  • For Medical Attention
  • Student’s Birthday
  • Official Work
  • Vacation Break
  • Pick up and drop
  • Whenever called by the
  • School and Hostel

Without parents’ support, we can’t achieve all-round growth of students. But frequent visit of parents will not let them settle in the hostel. Secondly, looking at the students’ schedule, parents are requested to seek prior permission for their visit in the campus to avoid unnecessary delay in meeting.

Visit should be brief and result orienting one. Please do not ask for taking them out of campus during your visit. Students are allowed to go out of campus during PTM/PSM or for specific purpose under escorts only. However, students of Std. 10, 11 and 12 are allowed for self-local outing and proceeding on leave if permitted by their parents. It will be parents’ responsibility for student’s safety and any untoward incident/behavior during self-local outing and journey to home and back.

Parents are also allowed to visit the campus on their ward’s birthday and they may take him for outing for 2-3 hours only