Happiness and Well being

The Happiness & Well-being department of SGVP centers on:

  • Identification of individual needs of the children
  • Intervention through individual and group counseling therapy to enhance:
    • Emotional Skills & Social Skills

    • Behavior Modification

    • Self-esteem & expression

    • Resilience & Coping

  • Promotion of Mental Health & Well-being through seminars and workshops

  • Life skills training & Personality Development

  • Career growth & development

Since every child is unique, counselors today have to be creative in order to be effective. Just like one needs the correct blend of colors to create a beautiful shade, a balanced melange of knowledge, expertise and creativity can bring out brilliant shades in a child.

Happiness & Wellbeing’ is SGVP’s initiative though which parents can consult the School Counselor for behavioral and socio-emotional issues of their child. It will be operated through whatsapp. You can post your concerns related to your child and the counselor will respond to those concerns with her expertise. The parents are requested to strictly follow the below mentioned guidelines: