SGVP Hindi Lit. Fest 2.0_2023-24

Another day of this fest, we hosted SGVP Hindi Lit. Fest 2.0_2023-24 in which students across different states of India participated after having qualified the elimination round.

The event started with the lightening of the lamp by the judges and a welcome dance performance by our students. Followed by felicitation of the judges by Ms. Padma Kumar, Principal, SGVP International School. The judges of this event were- Mrs. Rekha Nair, Dr. Shanti Sharma, Ms. Renu Vashistha and Ms. Richa Upadhyay.

This fest was not just a passive experience; it was a dynamic exchange of ideas. It provided aspiring literature enthusiasts with the opportunity to refine their craft. Attendees immersed themselves in the art of various poetry and creative expression by the presenters.

Our warmest appreciation to the winners under different categories and to all the schools and their students for their participation in this fest.

Congratulations and Best wishes!

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