Vibrant Fiesta 2023 – 24 “AMDAVAD – The World Heritage City”

“Inaugural Ceremony”

Unveiling the grandeur! Sharing the glimpses of the inauguration of the School’s Annual Carnival on Ahmedabad, the World Heritage City by Param Pujya Guruvarya Shri Madhavpriyadasji Swami, President, SGVP, Mr. Jaydevsinh Sonagara, Executive Director, SGVP, Dr. Ravindra Trivedi, Executive Director, International relations, SGVP, Shri Arunbhai Sheladiya, a businessman from Toronto, Canada and all the reverend saints. We stepped into the enchanting past with the ribbon cutting and lamp lightning ceremony by our delegates thereby embracing the spirit of celebration with cultural showcases, thrilling rides, and a homage to the city’s rich legacy.

Let the festivities commence!

Visuals of our guests witnessing and celebrating the richness of our heritage at this Annual Carnival – Vibrant Fiesta 2023-24. All our delegates were captivated by witnessing the brilliance of our students’ presentation and an exhibition of talent and dedication, blending education and tradition seamlessly. They appreciated these young minds for having poured their hearts into creating a vivid tapestry that narrates the tales of our past, keeping our heritage alive in the present.

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